Naysayer Cabernet Franc 2009

Naysayer Cabernet Franc 2009
British Columbia, $25

Our sister publication, Vancouver Magazine, runs the West’s finest wine awards and one of the benefits of that is that after the entries are judged, the entrants go into a magic wine room in the back of our office to be kept under lock and key. By strength of personality alone, I have access to a key, so on rare occasions I’ll mosey in to see if there’s something unexpected to take for a spin. All of this is a long way of telling you how I happened to have a bottle of a new BC wine I’d never heard of—Naysayer Cabernet Franc—in my hot little hands a while back. Cab Franc grows very nicely in the Okanagan, but it’s a grape that can go wrong 100 ways and right about two, so my expectations were low that this new start-up would be up for the challenge the first vintage out of the gate. And then I tasted it and I felt like I was a hockey scout who wondered into an arena in Brampton only to see a 13-year-old Wayne Gretzky skating around. The wine had a really nice opening blast of dark cherry, a hit of oak but a balanced acidity. All this from a rookie? And that’s when I turned over the bottle and saw that the rookie was Del and Miranda Halladay, owners of Elephant Island and one of the great fruit wine producers in the world. It shows two things—great winemakers are great winemakers, regardless of the medium. And read the bottle before you drink. It’s tough to find but you can order from, and some wine stores in the Okanagan carry it.


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