Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2009
Spain, $12

It was a great party, evidenced by the fact that everybody kept drinking wine well after the sunset. The Sancerre was great, ditto the Santa Barbara Pinot, but who’s kidding who—by the fourth bottle, we were enjoying the camaraderie, and what was in the glass was little import. Unfortunately all I had on hand were good bottles—a rookie mistake. Always have a stash of sub-$15, wine, like this really nice, simple wine from Spain. It’s seriously fruit forward, and trust me—no one is clamoring for subtlety on bottle four. It smells like vanilla and raspberry, tastes like cherries and some spice and has almost no pesky tannins to spoil the party. A late-night crowd pleaser if ever one was made.


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