Amity Pinot Noir 2008

Amity Pinot Noir 2008
Oregon, $30

A few weeks ago the stellar team at House Wine organized a stellar tasting of Oregon Pinot Noir. It’s no surprise to even the casual drinker that Oregon does Pinot well, but the tasting of a half dozen producers underscored just how well. It’s easy to think of the Willamette Valley as a single area, but the diversity that comes out of it—from Sonoma-style fruit bombs to Burgundian complexity—is astounding. The only drawback continues to be the high prices the wine commands—not quite Burgundy prices, but not that far off in many instances. But it’s at the entry level—this wine is $30—where Oregon shines. This bottle has a nice tartness that gives way to raspberry and some floral components. It’s light and delicate but in the refined and sexy sense of both words. And it’s quite a surprise at this price point.


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