Canta Perdices 2010

Canta Perdices 2010
Spain, $16

They made wine as Spain’s Ribera de Duero for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the mid-80’s that the world at large began to notice this up-and-coming region. Wines like Vega Sicilia, Pesquera and Emilio Moro went from secrets (admittedly not that closely-guarded in the case of Vega Sicilia) to must-haves in a relatively short span. And while the wine still retains a great reputation, its status as Spain’s hot newcomer has been eclipsed first by Priorat, and more recently Toro. But Ribera can still surprise. This 100% Tempranillo from Canta Perdices is notable for what it isn’t—expensive. On the nose and the palate it’s Spanish—spicy with ripe berry and good acid—but there’s a new world power backing it all up. This is Ribera—where classic meets new—summed up. A nice buy.

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