Joie Farm PTG 2010

Joie Farm PTG 2010

Joie Farm PTG 2010
BC, $24

Of all the wine critics operating today (Robert Parker, The Wine Spectator et al.), one of the most universally respected is Jancis Robinson of London’s Financial Times. Whereas most critics get tagged with a certain bias (overripe, micro-oxygenated reds are considered “Parker-ized”) Robinson seems to bring an academic’s detachment (paired with an underlying passion) to her pursuits. All of which to say that when she weighs in—which she did this week on Canadian wine—people listen. Her full discourse is available here, but she took time to single out three reds from the Okanagan: the substantial Portfolio 2009 from Laughing Stock, the tough-to-find Coyote Bowl Syrah 2009 from Church & State and this week’s pick, the Joie PTG 2010. We’ve oohed about previous vintages of this wine before, but it’s worth revisiting because it’s one of the great reds to pair with Asian cuisine. Light, but substantial and with enough acid to stand up to the complexity and fire of many Gung Hay Fat Choy dishes. A nice complement to the more expected choice, Gewuztraminer or Riesling.


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