Ridge Lytton Springd 2010

Ridge Lytton Springs 2010

California, $50

Is there a better winery in California than Ridge? There are flashier ones, older ones, ones with longer wait-list, but taken as a whole, Ridge may be my favourite—and that’s saying a lot, because I often don’t love Zinfandel, one of their signature grapes. A lot of the credit goes to the legendary Paul Draper, one of the wine world’s greats, and the man who had guided Ridge for the past 40 years. He poured some aged examples this past week of the winery’s Zinfandel blends, Geyserville and Lytton Springs, and even the 1987s were still alive, kicking and wonderful. He also poured the estate’s flagship wine, Montebello, and it proved that it is the better of many johnny-come-lately “cult” wines (ahem, Hundred Acre) that charge double, triple or quintuple. The crazy thing is you can stroll to your local store, grab a bottle of Lytton Springs for $50 without any fuss. Drink now, age it 10 years or age it 20—it, like the winery, will never disappoint.

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