Santa Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Santa Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc 2011

Chile, $13

For the June issue, I was tasked by one of our editors to help her find a replacement for Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc, the super-popular, very well made wine from New Zealand. I came up with three (you=ll have to wait until June to find out which ones!) but this selection from Chile’s Santa Carolina could just have easily been on
the list.

It comes from the cool Leyda Valley, which sits just off the Pacific and is really making a name for itself in their world of sauvignon blanc. Expect a roundish sack of vanilla, grapefruit and some grassy notes. It tastes like a wine twice its price, and has very little in common with the Chilean sauvignon blancs from the Casablanca Valley which, though only a few dollars cheaper, tend toward one-note flavor profiles.

I’ve had a soft spot for Santa Carolina since I worked in Edmonton’s The Wine Cellar in the early 90’s—we sold cases and cases of their cab/merlot blend, bringing most customers their first taste of the wine juggernaut that is Chile. This sauvignon blanc only reinforces my faith in the brand.

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