El Petite Bonhomme Blanco 2012

Jeffalin Aligote

Spain, $15

Will someone please tell what it means when someone call a bottle perfect “patio wine”? Is the idea that, as you’re in the warm outdoors, it’s thirst–quenching? I hate to break it to you, but wine is a terrible thirst quencher. More often I think it means you’ll be having a grand old time relaxing in the open air, so it matters much less what’s in your glass–a classic backhanded compliment.

This week’s wine, notwithstanding that it’s a fresh white, is a perfect basement suite wine, meaning that it so pleasing that I don’t have to be in some place nice in order to enjoy it. It’s a new offering from Montreal Sommelier Nathalie Bonhomme, whose red version has been around for a few years and is always solid. This wine is a Verdejo from Rueda–a classic Spanish combo and one I wish they’d have put on the front label. But once it’s in the glass it’s great fun–vibrant, slightly peachy and floral but not cloying. And at $15, it’s good enough to drink anywhere you damn well please.

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