Township 7 Reserve 7

Township 7 Reserve 7

BC, $34.95

I was back in Alberta for the long weekend and I brought a slew of BC wines to try with friends who either don’t have access or have preconceived ideas about BC wines that I’m anxious to disabuse them of. I will say I continue to be disheartened by the prices that wine in AB has climbed to. I remember when privatization first arrived—Veuve Cliquot Le Grande Dame for $65!—but now it seems that the only great deals are in the whisky area (Superstore sells Laphroaig Quarter Cask for $40.50). BC wine in particular is really expensive, prohibitively so, so it was nice to arrive with a few bottles. My fave was a bottle of Township 7 Reserve 7 from 2007. When I first tasted this wine on release, I noted that it was big fairly tannic and needed time, but I didn’t really know—I had no track record of tasting the wine and the entire Okanagan track record is still being written. In any event, by good fortune my educated guess turned out to be right on the money. The wine I had remembered as a beast has morphed into something great, full of rich, juicy flavours—red currant and cherries dominate—with a long, lingering finish. A really nice bottle that I’m sure won over a few more BC wine converts, and a great indication of a winery that’s doing something right. The New 2010 vintage ($34.95) is arriving soon and I expect good things.

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