CedarCreek Platinum Riesling 2012

CedarCreek Platinum Riesling 2012

BC, $25

A few times a year the BC Wine Institute gathers a group of wine people together and they’re lead through a blind tasting by the always cool and crazy knowledgeable Rhys Pender, MW. A few months back, I noted how in a blind tasting of Pinot Noirs the $19 Spierhead from just outside Kelowna showed amazingly well against much higher priced Pinots from around the world. This edition saw Rhys focusing on Riesling, a grape beloved by oenophiles and largely ignored by the general population. Tasting Okanagan Riesling blind is murder because different producers make it in radically different styles. Most, fearful of producing wine that’s regarded as too sweet, emphasize the wines austere character, resulting in almost flinty wines with a classic nose of petrol stored in a used honey jar. But there are a number of producers who embrace the grape’s sweeter side, and when they balance it with proper acidity, it makes for a wonderful glass that no one would mistake for Sauvignon Blanc. Summerhill falls into this camp, as does this week’s wine, from CedarCreek, which was one of the crowd faves at the tasting. It’s low in alcohol and relatively high in sweetness, but with a acidic backbone that keeps it from being cloying in the least. I’d love this wine with some sticky glazed ribs or anything with some heat—and the price is right where it should be for a wine of this quality.

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