Black Sage Merlot

BC, $110

A few months back I gushed a bit (ok, a lot) over the amazing deal that is the magnum of Jadot Moulin a Vent Cru Beaujolais—at $80 one of my favourite deals out there. Magnums are festive, celebratory but serious. Double magnums (or the Jeroboam if we’re using Christian names) are all that and then some. The corks are tough to get out and they’re really difficult to pour but I guarantee that every one of your guests will remember this bottle long after thousands of others have faded from their memories. The downside is that they are usually ungodly expensive— bottle of Cristal in this format is $2,730 at the BCLDB. But what I did run across the other day strolling the aisles is this behemoth from relative newcomer (who owns some seriously old vines) Black Sage. A giant with a gentle $110 price, it’s a merlot which seems like it sees a fair bit of oak, which adds some structure to it’s juicy dark fruit palate, and it’s drinking well right now. This isn’t the stuff Miles hated in Sideways, and Lord knows he would appreciate someone arriving at his place this Christmas with a Jeroboam tucked under their arm.

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