Perseus Cabernet Sauvignon 2010


BC, $50

Perseus is a relatively new operation right on the border of Penticton (you can walk from downtown) and the Naramata Bench, and I love that they do things just a little but differently. They do a really cool Pinot Blanc in a box, which is 3.0L for the smoking deal of $42; they have kooky lightly-oaked—which is not common— Sauvignon Blanc for $17 that I find sort of enduring; and then they have this $50 Cabernet, which looks almost identical to the $20 Cab/Shiraz and has no vineyard designation (other than it’s from Oliver) which is something I’d generally like in my $50 Okanagan Cabs. But that aside, it’s a pretty impressive wine with waves of spicy black fruits with some spice coming through in a long finish. I’m pretty sure this was made by the excellent winemaker Lawrence Herder (he’s since been replaced by the also excellent Tom DiBello) and I can maybe see this big wine (15.1% alcohol) maybe coming from Herder’s former stomping grounds of Paso Robles.


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