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Anna Spinato Organic Prosecco

organic sparkling wine

Anna Spinato Organic Prosecco
Italy, $14.99

2013 should be the year you make 2 wine commitments: 1. Seek out organic/biodynamic producers; 2. Drink more bubbles (not necessarily Champagne—unless you had a really good 2012, then go for it). And this week’s wine delivers on both counts. It’s an organic prosecco from Anna Spinato and it’s a winner. It’s light and fruity (expect strong peach and tangerine notes) so I’d personally drink it before dinner, not with the food. The package sort of screams good times, and the price is under $15. I saw the same bottle on sale in England for over 15 pounds, so it’s landed on our shores as a serious bargain and a great way to start 2013 on the right foot.