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Marques de Caceres Rioja Rosado 2011

Spain, $17

I appreciate the art of food and wine pairing and I generally try to subscribe to the broad principles, but I have to admit theyearly hand-wring over what to pair with turkey gets a bit much. For starters, I always open and start drinking the first bottle well before anybody sits down to turkey. We’re usually mulling about snacking on nuts or cheese or whatever starter someone has brought—none of which will likely be an ideal match for a wine that I’ve sourced specifically for turkey, and depending on the cheese it may be the perfect enemy for an aged Burgundy. So my advice: relax on the matchy-matchy a bit. If you like Cabernet Sauvignon, crack the cork man—it’ll go with something on the Thanksgiving plate and it’s unlikely to ruin anything. But I suppose if you’re hell-bent on having one wine that can cover all you bases you could do worse than the Rioja Rosado from the stellar Spanish producers Marques de Caceres, a serious pink wine that starts out light and playful but has enough tartness and spirit to fight through the numerous ladles of gravy that you’ll doubtless douse everything with.

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Haywire Rosé 2010

Haywire Rosé 2010
BC, $19

To bastardize Animal Farm, “All rosés are equal, but some are more equal than others”. Which is to say that in the Okanagan we’re blessed with an extremely high caliber of rosés and they’re the best-priced genre to boot. But that doesn’t mean a few don’t bear down and sprint ahead of the pack once in a while. Case in point is the 2010 from Haywire. For starters, it’s 100% gamay noir, not the cast off unripe cabernet and merlot some folks use. It results in a vibrant, lively wine that balances its ample cherry, cranberry and raspberry notes with a solid dose of acidity which keeps the result from being cloying.

BS Rosé 2010

BS Rosé 2010
BC, $20 (BC), $25.95 (AB)

While the name may at first appear to be a dangerous exercise in truthful advertising, on closer inspection, it turns out “BS” refers to the initials of world-class, ex-Road 13 winemaker Michael Bartier and international wine guru David Scholefield. With such a pedigree, there are a lot of expectations on this new venture. Luckily, their opening salvo, a Rosé, doesn’t disappoint. Made of 100% gamay, it has the strawberry notes everyone seems to covet in BC Rosé but the dry style is reminiscent of Spanish or Southern French Rosés—making it more compelling than most and a perfect foil to pan-seared steelhead.

Available in Vancouver at select private stores such as Marquis Wine Cellars, Everything Wine North Vancouver and Firefly Wines and Ales; as well as online at Available very shortly in Alberta, email for details.