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Lobetia Organic Tempranillo 2011

Lobetia Organic Tempranillo 2011

Spain, $13

I don’t trust anyone who loves everything they come in contact with, and when it comes to wine, I’m doubly suspicious. There is a lot of terrible wine out there and while I appreciate it’s the reviewer’s job to help you find good bottles, once in a while I think we need to steer you away from some that aren’t up to snuff. I wanted to love this bottle of wine. It’s organic (the winery is now fully biodynamic), it has an attractive label (and yes, that matters to me), it’s Spanish (they need our help these days and my liver is eager to pitch in). But most of all, it’s all those things at $13; no small feat and a very workable price point for an everyday bottle. The wine’s nose is muted, but that wasn’t a huge concern for a tempranillo, which can sometime be coy on the nose or musty, but things took a wrong turn in the mouth. The fruit—mostly dried cherries—was likewise muted, but there was an astringency that was distracting. I love acid in my wines (it was why I was why I chose an old world bottle to begin with) but not meanness.

The funny thing is, after I wrote this I waited a day, tried the wine again and damned if it hadn’t come around. The astringency softened, the fruit opened up (the nose was still meh) and it turned out to be not bad—not my fave, but actually a pretty decent food wine. There are plenty of big muscular expensive wines that needs a little open time to play nice, but not that many $13 screwcap ones.

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